Friday, March 5, 2010

The Future is DIY

Yesterday I got a note from Owen, who lives in Toulouse and has a cool website for wanna-be frenchies like me called France Tales. We met him last summer at a party at Jeff's boss's place, and we've kept in touch since.

Owen relayed a bit of bad news (he and his lovely boyfriend recently broke up), and shared some sage advice about working in France: "Do it yourself or don't do it at all." In other words, work isn't easy to come by--even if you've landed yourself a fancy-schmancy work visa--and it's best to have your own gig going if you want to avoid ending up in one of those red-and-black tents that social-justice organization Les Enfants de Don Quichotte provides for the homeless in Paris.

My employment plan is definitely DIY, but Jeff's, well, we're not sure what his is just yet, though part of the long-term plan includes leading bicycle tours throughout Europe. Jeff just brought home the newest edition of Lonely Planet's Cycling France, and my hope is he'll study it, get motivated, and start plotting a course of action.

In any case, the worst-case scenario isn't so bad. I can definitely think of worse things than camping in Paris.


  1. Love this! Can you ship all 13 bikes to France and use those as rentals???

  2. If you need a French speaker on your tours you know where to find me. I have tons of ideas about where to go in France though, seriously before we met at C's last summer I told him a bike touring company in France and perhaps with French lessons during the riding could be fun, practical french that could then be practiced at each stop with real French people. That is if I don't pack it all in and go to Vietnam instead.


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