Sunday, March 7, 2010

Franco-Mexican Relations

In an attempt to break our long spell of social hibernation and reconnect with friends we've not seen in a while, we invited Jeorgina and Jeff C. over for dinner last night. We hadn't seen them since November, when they treated us to a lovely homemade meal at their apartment on the other side of Alamo Square.

The menu was Mexican: Jeff R. made the soup and enchiladas (he's really perfected his recipe, and the secret is the green sauce, I think), I made the salsa and salad, and Double Rainbow made the chocolate sorbet. As we sat around the table eating, drinking, and being merry, conversation drifted from surfing (Jeff C. had a early-morning Sunday surf date in Santa Cruz) and tortillas (Jeorgina's grandma in Mexico is the town tortilla maker) to the way time flies (we realized J & J hadn't been to our apartment since our 2004 bon-voyage party) and plans for the future ("What's Jeff going to do in France?!").

Jeff proposed importing tortillas to France (there's definitely a deficiency of all things Latin American in Paris), and Jeorgina suggested maybe Jeff could vend them from a food cart, like the Sri Lankan fellows who sell roasted corn and chestnuts out of shopping carts on the streets of Paris. I followed that line of thinking to the masala dosa cart in Manhattan that I've heard so much about and would like very much to visit before we move, or, at least, before I die. God, I love masala dosas.

Before Jeff and Jeorgina left, we made sure to invite them to join us for the Easter weekend overnight bike-and-camp trip to Angel Island we have planned with mutual friends Adam and Cheryl. They've lived here nearly as long as we have and have never visited this awesome state park. It's about time, kiddos!

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