Monday, October 13, 2014

Friday Discoveries

A typical weekend usually begins on Friday, because my partner in crime and I both have the day off. It's our tradition to cycle over to our favorite vegetarian Indian cafe (Sangeetha), fill up on utthapam, vada, and idli, then pedal to the forest for a nature fix, or do the thrift-store circuit, or maybe head over to La Peniche Antipode to sip un verre on the water as the funny tourist boats float by on the Canal de l'Ourcq.

This past Friday unfolded in a similar fashion, only before we rolled off toward the Canal, we swung by rue Cail to pick up a few supplies from one of the Indian markets we frequent there. On the to-purchase list: Fresh turmeric for my morning juice (I felt some cold-cooties coming on and it helps boost immunity) and chickpea flour (I'm working on a socca recipe). Before we could get to VT Cash & Carry, another Cash & Carry caught my eye.

Krishna Bhavan Cash & Carry is a lot like the other Cash & Carry shops in this part of town, but with one special distinction: No meat! And barely any dairy. The owner came by while I was milling about the small space and explained that they are "98 percent vegan, because then everyone can eat everything!" (I like the way you think, mister!) Prices were good, the produce looked fresh, and they had some interesting products I've not seen before, such as packaged vegan smoothies made with coconut milk.

After a chat, we said our farewells and headed off to have an apero on the Canal. Only one, though, since we needed to be perky when putting in an appearance at the opening of My Kitch'n II, a new vegan restaurant in our neighborhood. When we arrived (a half-hour late, in true Parisian custom), the party was already in full swing. Thankfully, we didn't miss the food-related fun. The vegan caviar that was being passed around was crazy good.

Later this week, I'll finally make a visit to Vegissime, the new vegan shoes-and-accessories boutique that just opened in the 5e. I'm telling you, the vegan scene is on fire in Paris right now! We still need a spot to buy fashion-forward coats, scarves, and other winter wear, and we could REALLY benefit from a vegan boulangerie, but I'm guessing that'll be next!

What kind of vegan-oriented product or service do you think we need in Paris? If we can dream it up, surely it's possible!