Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Slew of Swell Changes

Four months is far too long to ignore a living entity like this poor blog. If anyone is still out there to read and accept my apology, hurray! I'm sorry for such a long absence!

Since my last post in April, I've eaten my way through several cities including Budapest, Barcelona, and Bakersfield, to name a few, plus San Francisco and the Spanish island of Ibiza to name two more. I've had one vegetarian Paris-themed article published (in UK magazine Vegetarian Living), launched a travel+wellness+beauty lifestyle magazine for vegan-leaning women (Swell! is still in its infancy stage, but you have to start somewhere!), wrote a gluten-free vegan cookbook for Callisto Media, and just had my third book, Vegetarian Paris, published by UK publishing house Vegetarian Guides.

(Would you like a free copy? Yes, you say? Then mosey over here for a chance to win one!)

Change is definitely in the air, but I'm not sure what direction life will take me (or, to be more "in charge" and "proactive" sounding, which direction I will take life). I dream of a mobile lifestyle where I chase the sun and swim daily in the sea, eat healthfully every day and stay stress-free, surrounded by humans and animals I adore. That's a dream in progress! Meaningful work is another part of the life-quest equation, and I sometimes wonder whether all the stars will align in a way that brings deep, unbridled joy--or at least high levels of satisfaction!

Well, while I sort it all out, I'll leave you with a few photos snapped over the last few months. And what about you? What are you doing/eating/reading/thinking/loving right now?

Good eatin' in Budapest at Napfenyes Etterem.

Vegans can sniff these out from kilometers away.

Vintage in Budapest.

Dreams really do come true: The raw vegan cake edition. (@ Mannatural in Budapest)

Last chance at summer! Late August in Ibiza.

See where it says "Travel"? That's my piece!

An early mock-up of my newest book. In the final version, my name isn't so front and center.

Barcelona treats.

Barcelona, looking a lot like San Francisco here (except for those silly trees in the foreground).

Will the real San Francisco please stand up?!

A little vegan oasis in ... Bakersfield!
Goodbye, summer!


  1. Hi Aurelia, love your book and other articles. Question: how much could it cost for one person to live in France, assuming a simple lifestyle? I know it varies by area, but your comments would be helpful.
    Thanks, Don

  2. Oh, this is a tough one! Besides regional cost-of-living fluctuations, your version of "simple" might be far different from mine. If you are American, you might find the cost of food higher here, but it's important to keep in mind that you'll be buying your potatoes and peaches by the kilo, not the pound. If you're English, you'll find the housing costs much, much lower. I might be so bold as to suggest you buy my 2011 book Moon Living Abroad in France, or, if it can wait, I'll be writing the new 2015 edition, which will include updated information you'll need to make a successful move to l'Hexagone.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments! I hope this helped at least a little bit!

    1. I live in Los Angeles, and I have your book Living Abroad in France. I will have available about 1300 euros after taxes per month income to start, and then I can hopefully work some. I hope I can live on this. Simple means living in a small place, maybe no car, not going out too much.

  3. In Paris, you'll really have to stretch those euro. If you're planning to live in a shared-living situation or rent a small studio, you should be OK (they start at around 500 euro). Anywhere else in the country, that budget will be plenty, if not ample! Your biggest expenses after housing will be food and drink; less so if you choose not to go out so much, but that's one of the real pleasures of living here, so I wouldn't recommend missing out on that experience. I'll use my powers of persuasion here to convince you to hold off on a car. Unlike LA, you don't really need one here, unless you live deep in the countryside. The cost of fuel, plus taxes, plus the cost of securing a license, will really eat away at your budget. Thankfully, they've nailed the public transport thing here so you honestly are better off without a car. Courage!

  4. Thanks so much! Your book and helpful comments have motivated me to make the move. It's interesting, I've always had the dream: gee, if I had the money, I'd move to France. But I never thought I could afford it. Because of you, I see that it can happen for me. Now, I got to learn the language.
    Thanks, Don


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