Monday, January 24, 2011

Buried Treasure

Yesterday we pedaled over to the Marche d'Aligre, my favorite outdoor market over in our old Faidherbe-Chaligny neighborhood. The objective was fruit, veggies, and tofu from the Chinese market that's tucked into a small shopping area behind the produce stands. The place was mobbed with people, as is normal on weekends, but we still managed to squeeze through the entire length of the market, getting run over by poussettes a couple of times, picking up our litchees, lemons, and six-for-a-euro pamplemousse.

A block away, on Boulevard Diderot, a neighborhood vide grenier was in full swing. "Vide" means "empty" and "grenier" is "attic," so what you find at these festive events is a hodgepodge of junk mixed with some serious treasures. I almost bought a super cute little orange Peugeot bicycle--it was too good to pass up at 25 euro--until we noticed it was a single speed. No! Who wants to huff-and-puff up the hills of Montmartre when you don't have to?

Jeff found a video game for a euro and bought it when I wasn't looking; I was too busy ogling an orangey-red "sculpture" in the shape of an exaggerated female torso. I hemmed and hawed--what the hell would I do with it once I got it home?--but the guy was willing to strike a bargain so I got it for 10 euro and 50 centimes in change.

While I dug through a pile of old garden gnomes, Jeff spotted a funny little outfit that looked like it was made for a monkey. It was actually deadstock doggy duds with its pricetag--in long-gone francs--still attached. For a euro, we couldn't pass it up, though later, Fanny clearly wished we had. At home, she looked noticeably reluctant--and a tad uncomfortable--when she saw that it was meant for her.

"Oh, c'mon. Look how warm and cozy you're going to be when it's snowing out there! It's going to be great! Ooh, you'll be so snuggly. You're going to love it!"

Once we got it on her and rolled up the cuffs a few times--this contraption was made for a dog with skyscraper legs--there was no amount of cajoling to convince her this wasn't actually punishment in the form of a straightjacket for naughty dogs, a league in which she does not belong (for the most part).

I think she looks pretty cute, but this is probably the first and last time she'll be seen in this outfit. Anyone want or need a onesie for their small-size, long-limbed pooch? Holler!


  1. OMG that picture of Fanny is a classic! She looks half guilty and half mortified.

  2. Oh, what I wouldn't give to stroll through a vide grenier with you and jeff one fine winter day in paris. Fanny looks so adorable (and distraught) in that photo!!

  3. Sarah, you get on over here, and I'll take you vide grenier-ing like nobody's business! And Jennifer, you're spot on with the "mortified" assessment. The guilt you're picking up on is probably a reflection of what I felt stuffing her into that outfit!

  4. Look at that face. The fashion diva is not pleased. Love your blog. Randy D. sent me.

  5. Hi! Fanny looks completely adorable, but I know that look of "why are you torturing me?" because I get it all the time with Jefe. We just bought him a raincoat for Paris and he obviously hates it.

    Love that red torso, too! I make jewelry so I would use it to display my newest necklaces.

  6. Om my Fanny... Your poor lil' doggie looks adorable, 'but a tad confused' at the same time! That sculpture will be so gorgeous in your lovely apart'!

  7. where have I been? I LOVE that picture of Fanny the Fantastic. She's mortified by your obviously bad shopping choices, of course.


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