Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marché Surprise

I got these at the Marché d'Aligre today.

You might be pondering the same question I did the first time I saw them: What the hell are they?

Underneath all that somewhat disarming browny-green organic matter you'll find fresh noisettes, otherwise known as hazelnuts.

If you've never tried a fresh hazelnut, you must. Like fresh dates and almonds, they barely resemble their traditionally consumed dried counterparts in flavor or texture. They're still crunchy, but more akin to a carrot's crunch than a peanut's.

I've wanted to try these ever since they started appearing at produce markets around town a few weeks ago, along with the très autumnal chestnuts and chanterelles, but the 10-euro-a-kilo pricetag always put this notorious tightwad off. At Marche d'Aligre, they're only 4 euro a kilo. I like that price better.


  1. As a non-vegetarian, I'm wondering exactly how one would go about eating one of these? Raw, roasted, boiled?

  2. Hi Paris Paul! Fresh hazelnuts need no culinary magic applied to them to make them edible. Just crack and eat. Perfectly suitable for omnivores and herbivores alike. (And probably even allergivores like Karin. I hope!)

  3. I am surprised that Paul has asked how you eat hazelnuts .. Oh yes I am sure Karin could eat them. Well I hope she can :-)


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