Friday, July 9, 2010

One Really Great Thing About Paris

Would you look at that price tag? Mind you, this is the big jar. That's less than half the price -- even with the euro-to-dollars conversion -- that I'd pay at Rainbow. I think this might be the only thing that's less expensive in France than the US (besides fresh fruit and vegetables), but if it had to be something, I'm glad it's Marmite.


  1. Aurelia .. You LIKE MARMITE ... :-) :-) so do we .. ♥

  2. ooppps, what size is that jar .. we can get 500 g here for £4.99 pence.

  3. Anne, OMG! You've got the better deal, for sure. The jar posted here is one size down from the 500 grammer. I do, however, have the 500 g jar now (we plow through this stuff!), and the best deal I've found is 8 euro 90. That's probably somewhere near 7 pounds, I'd guess. I think i need to get to Oxfordshire for a little shopping expedition! How do you eat your Marmite? I like it for tartine, of course, but I also use it in sauces a lot. Jeff's Aussie friends swear Vegemite's the better "'mite," but I've had them both and am devoted to the English stuff!


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